Christmas greeting from the chairman

Dear Saab friends,

Another year has passed and we will sum up 2021 as another special year with a pandemic that continues to affect our lives.

Due to the pandemic, Saab Car Museum was forced to close from November 2020 until May 2021, but just in time for the summer season, the restrictions were changed so that the museum could open its doors on June 1st and has been open ever since. The museum reports that the influx of visitors was large during the summer, but for the full year 2021 it is losing just over 30 percent compared to a normal year, which directly affects revenue.

Due to the pandemic, the support organization has not participated in any public gatherings or events in 2021. The annual meeting for 2020 was held in september, but the hope is that in 2022 return to normal and conduct the annual meeting in April.

These lines are written on December 19, 2021, on the day 10 years after Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy. The day has offered many nice pictures on social media from more or less spontaneous Saab meetings organized to remember Saab as a car manufacturer. The interest in Saab is alive, thanks to all the enthusiasts who take care of their cars.

In 2022, there is a lot to pay attention to and celebrate with Saab, but perhaps above all:

  • 10 years since Saab Car Museum was saved after the bankruptcy.
  • 75 years since Saab announced that it would start manufacturing cars.

If all goes according to plan, we will meet and celebrate during the Saab Car Museum Festival on June 10-12 in Trollhättan.

Due to the 75 years, the Support Association will present at the festival one of the larger projects carried out during the association’s 10 years, which will enable the museum to develop further through the revenue it will generate. The project is financed through membership fees and donations, in other words, you as a member have contributed to the museum will continue to develop. More information about the project will be released in the spring.

When we send out this Christmas letter, the Support Association launches an updated website. It is a project that has been conducted entirely on a voluntary basis in 2021 to get a clearer identity of the association. Today it´s all in Swedish, but an English version will follow in just a few weeks. In 2022, we will continue to work with the website and tell you more about what you as a member contribute to promote Saab Car Museum. We will also invite you to digital lectures and stories, by and with people who are passionate about Saab and Saab Car Museum. First up is the story of when the Support Organization restored a Saab 96 Group 3 replica racing car that was donated to the museum.

We hope that you are positive about the changes and want to continue to be a supporter of Saab Car Museum, your support means a lot to keep the museum exciting and alive for the future. Take the opportunity to renew your membership for 2022, or why not give away a membership for Christmas to a friend.

The member fee is 300 SEK/year and include free entrance to the Saab Car Museum for members (not attendants). For new members paying the fee in November or December the fee is valid for upcoming year.

Members also have free entrance to the Saab Car Museum Festival June 10-12, 2022, if the fee has been paid April 30, 2022, at the latest. When we have received your payment we will send you a confirmation by email, please make sure to enter a valid email address.

We look forward to meeting you in 2022.

We wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rickard Frick
Chairman Saab Car Museum Support Organization